Opening CSS files with external builder ATOM

So I have not used this really just to check it out a while ago and today decided to give it a go. I’m kind of sorry I did now because when it opened the file it shows all the classes I have turned off, within a commment as they should be. But … upon saving all the turned off attributes or rules are removed from the CSS file. I can put them back obviously, but I’ll need to do it by hand since it’s all in my external builder at the moment.

So somewhere along the line it’s stripping anything from the file that is turned off (unchecked attributes or turned off classes/rules etc.). This is not acceptable at all and is going to cause me super anxiety at having to redo all of this.

You may wonder on the things turned off, why is it such a big deal, but I experiment a lot with things turned on and off before making final decisions. These items need to be intact upon saving the file in our external editors. :confused:

Thank you for the report! We haven’t really considered keeping the commented CSS. We will improve how the import works in our next updates.

Thanks much, I look forward to that update! :slight_smile:

I tried Atom but I found it was an incredibly unintuitive and unwieldy piece of software that installed thousands of useless files, took forever to startup, and the updates were slow as well.

I ultimately uninstalled it (which was a chore in itself because it left behind tons of files and registry entries.) I would never recommend it.

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