Option to Load jQuery First

It's really annoying to have to load jQuery twice to run inline JavaScript. I have a unique script on every page that can't be cached, and requires jQuery first to be loaded.

Putting scripts on the bottom usually makes sense, but this must be configurable. Having to find and replace to delete the bottom jQuery every deployment is not fun.

Totally confused here since jquery is an included resource and always first, unless.... you’re trying to add your own jquery, which in this case would be the issue. If that’s the case then you just need to do what I do for a few scripts and include it into the code of the section rather than at the bottom of the page with the rest. This seems to make those rows/columns/etc. read that jquery rather than the included one which is too new for what I’m running in those sections.

Other than that there’s no need for you to do anything at all for jquery, it’s automatically added to your files and automatically set as the first script to run.

You can check this by right clicking on the JavaScript section of the files (bottom right area) and choosing Include Order from the menu that pops up. This shows you the order the files will be when the project is exported.

I don't know why you have a unique script on every page. You should combine them into one script that loads after the jquery script at the bottom. And you should have checks in the script if your unique thing needs to run only if that unique thing exists.

    if ($("#form-button").length != 0) { //if element exists perform the following
        $("#form-button").on("click keyup keydown mouseenter mouseleave", function(event){
            event.preventDefault(); //typical to stop default behavior
            // or any other scripting you need to do

    if ($("<!-- id or class of element to check existence -->").length != 0) {
        $("<!-- id or class of element -->").on("<!-- trigger -->", function(event){
             <!-- name of function etc... -->

There was a discussion some time ago about things like this here's one of them https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/issue-in-adding-custom-attributes-to-objects/#post-636