Option to obfusticate javascript files when exporting and publishing

When exporting the project or publishing it, please put an option to obfusticate the javascript files, as this can help prevent security problems. I myself have a contact form that uses AJAX, but I’m encrypting it and need to hide certain things in the js file, but if I obfusticate it now its hard to edit when I need to make an update.


You can do that right now by creating a custom export script. However, sensitive data always belongs on the server side, never on the client. If someone wants to know what’s happening in your code, obfuscation won’t stop them.


How is the best way to load server side code when publishing to Bootstrap server? I could not find this option.

Here’s an option you could do to obfuscate your code.
This was a way i had to do it for the time, since it seems like it could be am issue for creators if they didn’t back up their code.

  1. Write your code and test it on a local server, or a BSS Server with a passkey.
  2. Keep a copy of your original code.
  3. Create a test file (this is where you test changes).
  4. When you have working code, make a copy.
  5. Use https://obfuscator.io to obfuscate the working copy of your JavaScript.
  6. Test it, and if it works Publish it.

I know it’s a lot, but you also keep every change you’ve made to see if there is a place you’ve messed up.

Obfuscate it on medium, because high sometimes breaks the code.

You can also use JSNice.org to pretty print the code to see if you find any vulnerable points, and tweak the settings from Obfuscator.io. i used Notepad++ to try searching for specific keywords that my original code had, and it hid everything 99.9% the other 0.1% was just the main function name.

In the past I often used a Windows desktop tool with command line support (so, callable from your export script) called Javascript Obfuscator. Today, I don’t care! As @thedani said, your sensitive data and code should be on server side (it’s my case).