options panel not docked to right

This is probably something obvious, but I can't find it either in the help or in searching through the forum. I've just started using Bootstrap Studio, and when I first launched it the Options Panel (along with Look & Feel and Animation) as in its own column to the right of the main central screen. I did something which closed the Options Panel, and now when I click on the icon to open it up again, it appears in a box which overlaps the central screen. How do I get it back to the way it started?

thanks very much

Hehe that's a new feature actually (what you're already doing that is). What you need to do is grab the left side of that panel area (the edge just to he right of the screensize icons in the top right corner). That will open that panel back up, basically it's a sliding panel now. Would be nice if we had a toggle button to open and close it though. I'll have to post that in ideas I guess. Hope that helps. :)