Order-first in xs bootstrap4


how can I solve the following with bootstrapstudio, I don’t have the classes order-sm-first available.

1 (first on sm and up)
2 (first on xs)

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Not sure what you mean by…

Bootstrap 4 differs from prior versions of Bootstrap in that it was the first “mobile first” version of Bootstrap, thus they chose to make XS the default or “base” screen size (up to 575px.) SM is 576 to 767, MD is 768 to 991, LG is 992 to 1199, and XL is 1200 and up. You can use decimal places if you feel it’s necessary (ie. 575.9px)

You have full access to changing the order at all the breakpoints in BSS (or making custom ones via CSS media queries.) Changing the order of columns at different breakpoints is done via the Options Tab (located in the upper right in the program’s workspace) The first panel is Column Options and the fourth setting down is Order.

Click the little white arrow next to the word Order, and you will see the drop down menus that allow you to set the column order at different breakpoints. The first dropdown does not have the two letters XS denoting that it is the XS size because (as explained above,) Bootstrap 4 considers XS to be the “default” screen size. If you are working with two columns (like in your linked Codeply examples) be sure to set the order on BOTH columns at your chosen break point.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for your answer, I will test it! Best thanks and stay healthy!