Ordered or Numbered List - how/where?


I'm looking for the Ordered List Option in the plugin. I have found the Unordered List (shown simply as "List") and the "List Group" both in "Studio"; and, several other options in "Online". However, none of them show the Ordered List (with numbers)... Where do I look for that option? What is it called? (If that is the "List Group" then it is not clear to me as numbers do not show up when I choose it.) I would like a simple Ordered List with numbered items and alpha sub-items.... Please advise.

Thank you, +ES

Hello and welcome to the forums!

The List component in Bootstrap Studio combines both UL and OL. There is an option in the Options panel to switch between them.

Hi+ Thank you for the quick response! I see that, now! Thank you for telling me where to look for it!