Our BSS web design site

OK, so I love working in Bootstrap Studio, so easy to use with a nice steady learning curve that doesn’t make the whole process to daunting.

Anyway, I wanted to showcase our own site designed in BSS for our web design business. I was keen to see if I could also accomplish clean coding (Validated via Total Validator for mac and W3) and a clean site within Lighthouse which took a while.

Both were achieved, but results for lighthouse do tend to vary on devices, naturally. So hitting a 100% isn’t easy on the 4 processes they go through, those being Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO.

flexxit design

Anyway enough of my jibber jabbering. Let me know what you think, if you wish too.

very nice and professional - love the price calculator you have built, makes your quoting interactive whilst getting the users requirements you need.

only negative was that your cookie policy pop up is constant and doesn’t dismiss, but then that could be by design.

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Thanks for that much appreciated. I’ll have a look at the cookie issue as that shouldn’t be happening.

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I concur, very nicely done. I too love the built in calculator, nice touch. Well done!

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Very attractive layout.

A few observations…

At the top of the home page, something odd happens to your H2 text under 299 px (only noticed because I’ve been checking sites now for how they look on the galaxy fold when folded.) Probably never be an issue in the real world, but just so you’re aware.

Also, your line at the bottom that reads reads “Our Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy - Terms & Conditions” gets cut off under 382 pixels (the word “Conditions” disappears.)

I noted that the testimonials can be swiped on mobile, but not on desktop.

Hey PN, not sure I’m to worried about 299px at the moment. Thanks for the heads up on the bottom link, all sorted now.


Very good and elegant design!

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Very good design. Nice and easy navigation, for many successes .

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