Override standard button color class

My client wantsto use a different color button than the standard button colors (btn-default, btn-success, etc). I can either change one of the standard buttons or create a new one. In either case, can someone point m to the css styles that I need to change/copy? Thanks, Pete

Hiya Phaworth,

You can easily see what classes are used for your project at any time by looking in the Styles window of the app. In there each time you click on anything in your page in the visual area, it will adjust the classes shown in the Styles window dynamically to show the styles that are used for that item that is selected.

One of the easiest ways to do what you want to do is to assign one of the defaults to your button. Then watch in the Styles window for the class(es) that are added for that setup. Duplicate them and give them new names or append the default names, and then alter the attributes in your newly duplicated classes. You can easily create your own classes for any of the default Bootstrap styles that way.

Hope that helps!