Page still showing old data


i have a page where i made some adjustment to the image property and sizes, it looks fine when i view the page locally but whenever i upload to the webhost the adjustment is not showing but the page still showing the old data.

i tried to find out the cause of it, i have 2 image in the page, removed one, re-upload to webhost but the deletion didnt take place in the webhost, page still showing the 2 image. thought i am adjusting the wrong file, tried deleting the page from the webhost, try to view it and the page dissappear (means I am editing the correct file)…

any idea what cause this…

for reference the page is here Wedding at Flora Kafe Wangsa Maju - KLPD

Pode ser cache ou cdn, se tiver ele, tente limpar o cache do navegador, ou acesse o site de forma privada.

Aqui a exibição está assim.

Clear your browser cache. I’m not sure if that’s what @dj.gilmar.sonorizaca said or not, but just in case he didn’t, try that any time your page doesn’t seem to be showing changes. That’s usually the culprit and I don’t know of any specific browser that doesn’t have that issue periodically (sometimes a lot even) so just get used to doing that anytime things don’t seem to show correctly.

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Защо не попитате @Маrtin дали мойем да имаме международна категория, за да можем да говорим собствените си езици там

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it seems the issue is really with the browser cache. thanks all for your help

Try holding down Ctrl and click the Reload button, this will give a hard refresh, works in chrome, not sure about other browsers

@kuligaposten goed idee!