Pages Folders

It would be nice to have "Create Folder" option in Pages.

This way I can organize my SEO campagins, like /canada/toronto/landing-page.html

A folder to organize images in the gallery would be nice also, that way we can group items for each page and similar images e.g. library images, logo and banner images, portfolio, etc.

Creating folders to organise is a great idea and I'd vote for that to be implemented.

Thank you for the suggestion! This is a good candidate feature for 2.3. For consistency we should add the ability to group resources into folders for all types - including CSS and JS.

Superb idea! Just wanted to post similar as I struggled with definition of angular templates. Having possibility of grouping I assume the corresponding folders are to be created while exporting as well. If so, then there is small step to configure web server for proper access to site content :)

Friendly Bump, I NEED FOLDERS! :)


Creating folders to organise is a great idea and I’d vote for that to be implemented. ..

@BSS devs - when are you likely to share plans of whats coming in v2.3?

@ChrisHackwood super responsive answers thanks keep update here ..

We still have a few 2.2.X releases before we start working on 2.3. Creating folders will definitely be one of the features in 2.3, but the full feature set will be decided next week.

@Martin I suspect this will be a fairly large and in depth operation.

I'm really excited for you guys.

Thanks martin