PageSpeed Insights

Hi Guys,

Your Default Website Build Performance is very great. thx
When i Build an Mini-Homepage and tet it With Google PageSpeed, ive got an nice Count from 79/100.

The Only Mistake is “above the fold” CSS Optimization.

Here is an description

The test is Possible at:…ets/bootstrap/fonts/font-awesome.min.css

It would be great, to get an positive Test, for higher Rangking with Google.

Thank you for the article! It was an interesting read. In the head of exported pages we embed Bootstrap's CSS file and the stylesheets that users create.

I don't think it is possible to automatically extract the CSS that affects the above-the-fold content. Maybe the only way is to add a minify option to Bootstrap Studio which can combine and minify all CSS files into just one when your website is exported.

I got a 93.... HOLY SMOKES.

It would be nice to have a minify version of CSS and JS on export with an option to combine them all in one file if wanted.

Why not use a free tool like the one from to optimize css delivery ? It generates the critical css path only, which is good since you get a small css snippet you have to just copy/paste into the head of you page. You may also download the single combines css file (which is automatically built from all your css files) and use the provided code to load it after the initial page load. I managed to get 99/100 on google page insights using this technique.