pango breakage on Linux

Characters are displayed illegibly as boxes in file selection dialogs. This issue affects Linux users. Please rebuild against version 44 of the Pango libraries (out since last week) and push an update. BTW, this issue came up once before and led to some unpleasantness on the forum.

Sorry that you've run into problems!

Arch Linux is not officially supported by Bootstrap Studio, but a lot of users run it there regardless. Arch employs a rolling release strategy and they update libraries frequently, which leads to incompatibilities with the Electron framework that we use. The solution is to update our Electron version, but it will involve rewrites to parts of our codebase. This is planned, but will take a couple of months to finish.

A workaround is to somehow downgrade the library that's causing problems to an old version in your install. Alternatively we can look into generating an Appimage, flatpak or another packaged format that bundles all required libraries in a single executable so this stops being a problem.

We built an AppImage that packages the correct library versions. Can you try if it works for you?