Paragraph Background option no longer available through UI on Bootstrap 4 sites

Today, when I opened an older Bootstrap 4.x site to edit something, I went to set the background color on a Paragraph component, only to find that Background no longer available in the Options > Decorations panel. It was definitely in there the last time I worked on this site because I have many Paragraph components that have backgrounds that were set through the program’s UI, and show bg-primary in darker gray in the Attributes panel…


This is what the Decoration Panel looks like now comparing a Bootstrap 4 site to a Bootstrap 5 site.

I believe Placeholder was added in Bootstrap 5, but I think Border Width was also originally available via the Decorations panel on Bootstrap 4 sites. Of course the classes can be added manually via Attributes, but it seems odd that this was removed from the program UI. In fact, if you create a Bootstrap 3.x site, Background is still an available option in the UI.

I’m guessing it disappeared in one of the more recent BSS 6.x updates because I’m pretty sure it was there about a month ago. Just wondering if this was intentional, or a bug?


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Thanks for reporting! You’re right, it’s a bug. We’ll fix this in our next release!