Paragraph link target option?

When changing some text to a link within a paragraph - using the 'link' button there are no options to choose the target.. default, blank, parent, top

Could this be implemented, I think it would be useful as to drag a dedicated link into the middle of a paragraph (with the target options) is fiddly and unintuitive.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance

+1. Been asked for a handful of times since the way it works now is only handy for internal links. Would save time and frustration on the learning curve as well.

I'd find this really useful, I know you can drag and drop a link element into a paragraph and set the target that way, but it's really finicky, especially trying to keep everything inline..

+1 to this. As this feature is currently implemented, it's really only good for internal links or anchor links. Simply adding four check boxes to the pop-up dialogue would do the trick.