Password protected membership area and membership payment

I understand that Bootstrap does not offer this type of module as it is a front end program. However, there are plug-ins available that offer these components, but does Bootstrap accept any of these plug-ins, for example Wordpress ‘Simple-membership’ or are they non-compatible?

Bootstrap Studio does not support plug-ins like Wordpress. Because BSS is a “front-end” website builder, you will not find any features that require server-side databases. This includes things like logins, passwords, and membership type features, as well as blogs and CMS.

BSS does offer ecommerce through its integration with Reflow, however I do not believe things like recurring membership type payments are currently available. I’m not experienced with Reflow. Perhaps another user here can chime in on that.

Okay, I understand. However, I do not understand why components like ‘Ludens - Register’ are available. This presents a form that is about creating an account and has fields for a password. How does this work if, as you say, things like logins, passwords, and membership features are not part of BSS. I believe you, but how does this component then offer anything to other users.
Thanks for your response, it is appreciated.

The simple answer is, it doesn’t work.(I know. It’s kind of annoying that people can post components that don’t actually work in this software, but the BSS online component library is kind of a “wild west” environment, and there’s a lot of chaff among the wheat.)

What you need to understand is that forms are comprised of two parts - the “front end” of the form (typically the HTML and CSS which determines how the form looks,) and the “back end” (the server-side code that determines how the data entered into the form is processed when the form is submitted.)

What you’re seeing with the ‘Ludens - Register’ is just the front end side of a form. Bootstrap Studio includes all the tools necessary to build complex looking forms with all types of fields, drop-downs, check boxes, buttons, etc… You can change the text on a field to say anything you want… “Login”, “Password”, etc… but that doesn’t create the database to store the names and passwords, or the server-side code to make the form capable of acting as a login portal.

Bootstrap Studio includes a very basic form feature called Smart Forms, but its functionality is limited to collecting the data entered in the form fields, and sending that field data to an email address. This takes place on the Bootstrap Studio servers. They have created the “back end” code that manages this.

You can build a website and put the ‘Ludens - Register’ form on your page, but to make it function as a login form you would have to host your website on a server to which you have access, one that allows you to create a database, and execute server-side code in a language like PHP or Python, in order to make the form functional. Then you’d have to write that code yourself.

Here’s an example. Secure Login System with PHP and MySQL
Bootstrap Studio basically allows you to do the stuff in step 2 of this tutorial, but not step 3.

Although I’m not a fan of Wordpress, one of the things that makes it appealing to non-coders is that it is already a database-driven (dynamic) website application built on PHP, so it can easily accommodate things backend like databases, logins, passwords, blogs, CMS etc. Wordpress sites run on the server. And since Wordpress has been around forever, there are hundreds of plug-ins out there that make it easy to add these features with a few clicks.

Bootstrap Studio builds static websites. There’s no “backend” with websites built in BSS. Everything runs in the browser window.

Hope this helps.

Understood. I have used the Smart Form, so I understand how that works. I think the best way I can tackle this is, as you say to take the BSS site design into something like Dreamweaver and add backend coding that is hosted by the server.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Hi Mike, you can always tie it into wordpress something like this, bootstrap studio designed and then connected wordpress via a ‘blog’ link which keeps the look of the initial design.

Just a thought.


Thanks Kirby, I will have a look at your suggestion and see what I can do! Much appreciated.

It’s possible to add authentication to static web pages using providers such as auth0 or okta for examples. The okta video is quite clear. Those solutions are industrial grade and they have free plans which are quite generous.

My suggestion is to use some type of CMS platform and use BSS as the landing page. A fairly simple integration would be to use Notion, Super, and Memberspace. Here’s a relatively effective tutorial on this topic.

You could also use Kirby CMS and their membership plugins.

Are you using Bootstrap Studio’s hosting, or do you have access to your webserver? If it’s the latter, you can easily password protect a page with a PHP script added before the page’s HTML. You’d have to edit it outside BSS of course.

That is a nice approach. How exactly did you that?

Thanks for this suggestion, I will have a look at the possibilities.

Hey Fynn, I installed Wordpress in ‘blog’ folder using the theme ‘best blogger’ and then adapted the css to mirror that of bootstrap studio.

That’s said, with the ability to convert custom html to components you could do it the other way round and find the right WP theme and build your site around it in BSStudio, another option maybe.


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