Paste image from clipboard is more quickly for static HTML builder

Hi BootstrapStudio team, thank you for awesome builder! Bellow is my idea. Hope everyone like it! Now, i need Save as image, import it to library, drag image element, and put image from library to image tag. When i make some document from bootstrap studio, so good. But if progam can use: Screenshot > Ctrl + C (Command + C) > Ctrl+V (Command + V), image will auto import to library with default name and auto push after my pointer an image tag with this image src. I think that's awesome! One more, if it can be upload to my host by ftp method when i push publish button, i think that is perfect! Thank you!

I like the idea of being able to copy/paste images between two open website projects.

FTP for non-BBS hosting has been suggested many times before in the Ideas forum. It's not something the devs are interested in adding (probably because there are many free FTP alternatives already available... filezilla, cuteftp, etc.)

Hello @Printninja, my idea is not to copy / paste an image between two open webpages, I think about copying the image to clipboard from anywhere and pasting it into the project like importing pictures image. For example, when you post an article on facebook or wordpress, just right-click on the image anywhere, choose "copy this image" from chrome, or take a screenshot then ctrl + C, or " printscreen "and then go back to the editor and paste it straight into it. All that remains will be an image: untitled-1.jpg - untitled-2.jpg ... in the image gallery area, and it is already where you stop the mouse pointer.

I was going to say that I'm pretty sure you can already copy most things from one project to another without too much difficulty if you use the ctrl+c / ctrl+v setup.

I'm not sure how being able to copy and paste it from external sources would be any more helpful than importing it from either the popup image window or dragging it into the location you want it to be is. They've already revamped the image setup so that you can see the folders in the popup image chooser, and you can easily drag an image from it's location right to the folder you want it in inside the app.

As for images on the web, I personally wouldn't ever use that feature as I always end up having to edit them to resize, clarify, recolor, etc. so there's no point to it most of the time. Very very few times do I use an image directly from the web as is. Maybe that's just me, but for me importing or dragging directly from the web wouldn't be useful and I can think of a whole lot better places that time could be spent right now.

Thanks for @Jo, i buyed and used bootstrap studio from 2017 to build documentation, and i think that is realy more speed. I think bootstrap is faster for coder, and bootstrapstudio make it more faster, easily, even for people who don't know much about code. Like you say: you wouldn’t ever use that feature as you always end up having to edit them to resize, clarify, recolor, etc. When you edit image done, you need save as your computer, and move in BSS, find image component, drag it into work area, double click, click import button, find from folder, and select to import, more select to insert, if too much images, you need to find it before select. Faster, when you edit done, you need cmd+tab to finder or folder, drag it into BSS, and again, you need find from image panel, drag it into work area. But that not for all image you work. Sometimes you clone tag, and replace image, sometimes you need image from take screenshot... If paste like facebook editor, wordpress editor, or iphone screenshot i can paste image to upload when typing... You can save too many times. For easy builder, save times is best value. But if this idea not value for you or for all, i think somebody need. If developers think it's not prioritize, I will use BSS more, and more, and i can wait :) Thank @jo and @Printninja for love Bootstrapstudio like me!

I think the problem here is that the computer's clipboard can contain many things besides just images, so for BSS to be able to import images directly from the computer's clipboard, it would need to be able to distinguish what kind of file the clipboard contains. For example, if your last copied file was a video, BSS would not know what to do when you hit "paste" because it can't import videos. Or PDFs, etc... Also, it could crash the program if you say, copied a 1 gigabyte image into the computer's clipboard and then tried to paste it into BSS. I don't know. I would be a time-saver in some instances, but as Jo mentioned, I RARELY find an image online that I will use on a website without first doing some editing to it. Plus, I generally want the images in my website projects saved somewhere on my computer in the event I need to change them in the future, not having them exist solely within the .bsdesign file.


On my windows machine, if I have two website projects open in BSS and I copy an image from one project, and then go to the other website and paste it, I get a generic circle with a diagonal line (meaning no content.) The image component is created, but there is no image copied. This would be a useful feature for me. I often reuse many of my images from website to website.

When you edit image done, you need save as your computer, and move in BSS, find image component, drag it into work area,

different workflow here, when I'm done editing I save (jpg from photoshop) with 100% quality and keep the original + final-uncompressed in my customer folder. Then I open squoosh and I compress the image using MozJpeg, Webp and Avif.

Then I use the picture tag to insert the 3 formats in my website HTML or a small .js snippet to create the .webp and .avif classes to add support for my images into CSS. That at least for the home page and images in the hot path.

cut'n'paste would not make my workflow faster

Welcome to the forum! Pasting images from the clipboard would be a useful addition. We'll have to do some tests to see how well it would work in practice. There could be issues when importing mixed text+images in which case we'll have to figure out how to clean up the clipboard contents. Still I'm adding it to our todo, so hopefully we'll be able to work on soon.