Paste Linked, not pasting classes, but they are there?

Mac Version, MacOS Big Sur - updates are current, BS5 (not sure on the 3 and 4 yet)

I don’t think I’ve come across this type of issue before. Usually when I use the Linked Components anything I change gets changed on all linked items from classes to inline styles etc.

Today I’ve linked a bunch of headers in a BS5 project. Basically all I did was use the text-shadow class (which I think should be in the options somewhere to turn on/off) and it changed it visually on all the headers of all the pages … but … it did not add the class itself in the Class Names boxes, it just shows the effect visually. It all “looks” like it should, but the class itself is missing.

I’m pretty sure when something has been linked before, everything you do to one, is added/removed/edited etc. to the rest, exactly the same. Is this supposed to do this or … ? I mean, it doesn’t make sense and could become pretty confusing later on when you’re trying to figure out why something is doing what it’s doing and you can’t because the class is not there. Doesn’t show up in the Styles window either.

Yah the more I mess with this, the more I know this isn’t right. I’m trying to take that class off now so I can restart the app and see if it’s just a glitch which I’ve been having a lot of lately (see other post for a few bugs). Anyways, I’m now going through 30 some pages trying to find the one text block that has the class in it. Definitely not right.

I tried it and it added the text-shadow as an inline style to 2 linked components (Paragraphs in the navbar). To delete the inline style I reset the text shadow in the appearance tab. I also tried moving the inline style to the main style sheet and it added it to the p tag which affected every paragraph on the website so I deleted it from the style sheet.

ANDDDD now it’s working right after restarting the app, but … this was a fresh start up. Fresh boot of the computer which was off all night, and fresh boot up of BSS so why … I’m soooo confused! LOL

Thanks for checking @floydmanfloyd . Are you on Mac or Windows? Just curious to see if there’s maybe something going on with Mac version as I have lots of things going on right now since this last update.

Seems to work ok on Windows. I usually add a text-shadow class to the stylesheet instead of using the appearance tab. As I can see after moving the inline style to the stylesheet it added it to the p tag and affected the whole website.

There is likely some bug here, but it occurs only in specific circumstances (the worst types of bugs to track down). If anyone has steps on how this can be reproduced consistently we will love to hear about it.