Paste multiple list items in one shot

I’m not sure if this is possible in this software, but I know it’s possible somewhere as I had old software years ago that did it.

Would be great if we could copy multiple lines of text and use the Paste (Plain Text) option on a List component to have it put those lines of text we copied into the list line for line … or something like that. I’ve just done almost 400 items into lists for a client, and let me tell you, by the time I got done I was SOOO DONE lol. I never wanna see another list again! lol.

Anyways if there’s any way we can get something like this, it would sure save a lot of copy/paste time.

Have you tried making a list with a single <li>. Paste the complete list in the <li> and then Alt+Return to split the list?

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Ohhh ty ty ty where did you find that info? I looked through the shortcuts list, searched the forums and such didn’t find anything on it.

For me it was Ctrl+Enter (might be because I have my keys remapped on my mac for the command and control keys to be swapped so they work like a windows system, not sure lol)


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I actually discovered it by mistake a few weeks ago

lol I’ve done that too a bunch of times, sure wish this would have been discovered before Monday, I might have more hair left lol.

Wow, that’s a real time-saver! Good tip!

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@Martin is there any way this could be added to the “Examples & Guides” section of the docs? Maybe titled as “Quick List Populating”? I’ve never seen this that I’m aware of, but sometimes there’s so many things changed it gets lost in the wayside. This is definitely a major time saver and would be great if others could find that easier as well.


It’s already in the docs, the devs call it Split Text Element at Caret

Hmm maybe cuz I was looking for Cmd/Ctrl + Enter as the Alt + Enter doesn’t work on my mac.