Paste (Plain Text) shortcut?

(Ignore the previous edited post if you read it already, I didn’t notice there was a key combo already set up that shows in the Right Click menu, I checked the Shortcuts page and it wasn’t on there so I posted.)

I’d like to propose a shortcut alteration if possible for this. Right now the Paste Linked is on Ctrl + Shift + V, but that shortcut is extremely easy to get to for using often if needed and the Paste Linked is only used periodically really and once set up for a site hardly ever after that.

Using that key combo for Paste (Plain Text) would be an awesome place for it since we’d used that quite a bit.

Maybe we could swap the 2 around?

Sorry if I’m late to the game on this, but I truly never noticed the Paste (Plain Text) on the right click menu until a couple days ago, and I’m really excited to see that option added. Thanks for this feature!

In windows it is already a short cut


But… paste as linked doesn’t seem to work anymore

Jumpin the gun @richards LOL. I posted to soon, rewrote it a bit.

I can also concur that the F2 is not working for Paste Linked on Mac

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Well I’m batting zero already, you are right it’s already set up that way in the app. That’s what I get for looking at the Help information in the app for the Shortcuts lol. It’s not that in there.


If you copy a component in the overview pane then mark another place in the overview pane you can press CTRL-SHIFT-V to paste as linked component. A component is not a plain text so obviously you can’t paste it as plain text in a text element

Yeah I believe I’ve been doing that, but I didn’t realize that Shortcut actually has 2 purposes. One that pastes a Linked Component and one that pastes Plain Text (no formatting, yaaaaayyy!). Just depends on which one you copy. Man I love this app lol.

F2 though is also supposed to do the Paste Linked (and I’m pretty sure it did at least a couple updates ago), but that doesn’t work now. I think the Page with all the shortcuts needs some love to get it up to date as well. :slight_smile:

F2 is for rename focused item, if you mark a item in the design pane you can rename the file names with pressing the F2, but not the file extension

Wow just cross me off today, I’m going back to bed lol. I knew that! :stuck_out_tongue: