PayPal button options

When i import the code for my PayPal button with options (dropdown menu for color choice and quantity) it does not work in Bootstrap Studio. when I past this same code in a generic HTML page, it works. Please advise how I may be able to fix this. Thanks

It sounds like the button is generated from Javascript? If that is the case, then it will not work within the app. Javascript is disabled/stripped from working within the app for security and safety reason.

You can or should be able to preview the button when using the Preview option in the top right of the app though.


I'll have to test this further as I've never used PayPal's extended button (cart) system, but just got a client that wants to do that so I'l let you know if it shows up for me or not. The normal PayPal button shows up just fine in the app preview as well as the browser Previews.