PayPal Shopping Cart Recommendations?

Hi, I haven't had one yet but I know that eventually I will need to build an eCommerce site and was wondering what is your solution or recommendation for a shopping cart with checkout to PayPal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!, Mike

Haven't had one setup recently, but I have had an oscommerce store PHP and mysql on apache. My host was a major host Hostmonster they provided Domain Name, DNS, SSL and Static IP for additional charge. I also setup my site through a secure web payment processor. There is separate regulations which apply to any business who accepts credit cards. Paypal would be another option. You can go to the admin on paypal and see if you have a business account and create an item in your paypal inventory screen set the price and generate a new button. Copy the source code to clipboard. Use notepad or other editor to open product page of your website for the item. Paste the source code for the button into a p tag or div. On Paypal you will need to keep up with the quantity in stock or you may oversell your product. This method is considerably easier for only a few (10 - 50) items which you would be selling. Paypal also has other payment integration strategies, but in case someone needs to setup a artisan store on a gallery site as an example. This is the most basic tool.

Bah wasn't trying to post, just wanted to follow the thread lol. Am interested in this as well as I have a client that will eventually want to add a store. Would definitely need something that they didn't have to keep track of the inventory themselves on though so if PayPal can't do that then.... they won't be the option lol.