PDF file downloadable

Hello everyone, i have a button and want to attach a PDF file where by clicking, the PDF file could directly downloaded. Should i Upload the PDF file already in any folder? Thanks in Advance

Not sure how to force the download rather than having it open it as that's a browser setting as far as I know. Usually what you do though is you upload it and reference it in your BSS project using the relative link same as you would if the PDF was there inside BSS. You won't be able to test that until you upload it, but if you do it correctly it will always work. Just make sure to reference with the relative link and you should be fine. I do them all the time, dozens at a time on some sites sometimes more. Just click the links after you upload the site to be sure all is working correctly.

When they click it will open the PDF where they can use the buttons on the web page version to download it. There may be some way for them to download it directly, but I'm unaware of it as the only thing I know of is the browser setting that you can tell your browser to just download them instead of opening them.

Either way it gets the same results though. :)

@JO:Thank you so much for your help.. it has worked perfectly. :)

Glad it worked for you Fabian. Enjoy and have fun with it! :)