Phone number; mobile browser

Can someone please explain how to avoid a phone number being displayed as a link (changing color) on a mobile browser?

That's a good question and I'd like to know if that's possible too actually. The setting is a phone setting so I'm not sure if you can work around something that people can set on their phones to do.

Is there a reason you don't want it to be clickable? Most people would rather have it clickable to save their visitors time and effort on their mobile devices so they don't have to dial a phone number manually and can just click to call. Why would you "not" want that feature? Just curious really.

Actually, my query is hopefully more straightforward than that. I don't mind it being clickable, as long as I can set the color differently to the normal links.

frankly, I wouldn't want it clickable - it's really a bother to "accidentally" make a call then and there, rather than just have the information available to make a call later, at a more convenient time.

This page explains how the click-to-call function works. Basically, to disable it on the iphone, you have to add this...

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

many thanks, Printninja

Your also supposed to be able to wrap the number in a span.