PHP and MySQL linking

Hi, I am making a website that requires logging in, but bootstrap studio doesn’t allow me to set a database for which I require MySQL and PHP. Is there some way I can link both Bootstrap studio to the MySQL and PHP codes, so the details of the people signing up to my website are stored?

Have you tried searching the forums? This sort of question has been asked dozens and dozens of times already.

The answer is no. Sorry if this comes as a disappointment, but you bought the wrong program. BSS is a FRONT END website builder. There are no tools within the program to build or connect databases, or do anything on the back-end/server side.

FWIW, one of the solutions people use is to install Wordpress in a subdirectory on their website, and then style the Wordpress page to look like another page in their BSS website. Short of that, you’d need a program like Pinegrow with Wordpress, Wappler, or just use Wordpress itself.

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Yes its possible if you use the “Export Script” found in the Export Settings. You will have to have some advanced skills and understanding how that works in order to process the output into a dynamic PHP site with Mysql. I have XAMMP setup for testing in a local environment and then ftp with Firezilla Pro to a server that has PHP and Mysql capabilites.

Its not possible though if you are publishing (using publish) to the Bootstrap Studio server.

My setup is completely fluid from front-end to back-end.

As the developer himself have stated: Bootstrap Studio is a standalone application for static websites using bootstrap. It does not support MySQL, Python, PHP etc. You can use custom code blocks, and put your PHP code in there. Though PHP doesn’t work through preview, so you’ll need to export first.

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