php code generation

I mostly develop interactive websites where a lot of database access is needed or where multi-language functionality is mandatory. So I always need to apply a lot of php code to get the data on the pages without constant reloads (I use Ajax a lot).

I would love to see some extra things happen in a next version of Bootstrap Studio: 1. An option to export the designed site with a php extension (OK I can rename the files later in Dreamweaver but it takes time and effort to do so) 2. The possibility to add php code in Bootstrap Studios IDE. Being able to preview the code from Studio is not realy a requirement but would be nice. 3. At this moment you can paste-link items from one page to another (I use that a lot for menus, footers and other items used on every page) but I would like to see the possibility to have that changed when using php to a separate php file for that design element and a php-include placed in the rendered code.

Lastly, I know you can import existing pages into Studio but all code will be "custom code" even if the site uses Botostrap classes. Wouldn't it be nice if Studio would be able (maybe user assisted) to turn these custom code elements into regular Bootstrap Studio elements.

all right, but let's not forget that BSS lifetime subscription is cheaper than just 3 months of Dreamweaver cost.

PHP has been addressed exhaustively in many posts already in this forum and it has been decided by the devs that it will not be implemented.

Get yourself a good export script set up and you can do most of the name changing things with the script and it will be done on export.

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