Pixelmator Pro is on sale for Mac users

I just got an email that Pixelmator Pro is 50% off. If you’re a Mac user and in need of an image editor/creator it’s a pretty good app. I’ve used it for several years now and it’s pretty solid.
It’s also a one time purchase so no subscription fees are involved.

Just open your App store and search for Pixelmator Pro and enjoy!

Edit: I forgot to give you the price! lol. It’s on sale for $19.99

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Wasn’t it you who was upset about advertising on this forum just the other day? What is the difference now, apart from the fact that the post you criticized was not advertising at all, unlike this one now?

The difference is that this is not promoting a competing website builder, it’s promoting image editing software, something which Bootstrap Studio does not do.

Consider it from the POV of the BSS developers. They would not want someone posting on their forums that people should use Webflow or Wix because a post like that could potentially cost them users. They’re not going care if someone promotes Photoshop, because Photoshop is not a website builder.

Seriously? Firstly I had apologized for misunderstanding that thread, and secondly this isn’t an advertisement it’s sharing information about a software that has nothing to do with BSS. If you watch my posts closely enough you’ll find that when I bitch about advertising it’s mostly because people are advertising a “rival” software which is what I thought the OP had done.

If you check the other General threads, you’ll see we have been sharing different software resources and this was one of mine so I’m sharing a discount with people that might need something to do images with. Definitely not the same thing. Sorry you think so.