Place components next to each other


so i want to put 2 components next to each other like here, done in mobirise in 5 seconds, just drag and drop:

2 components next to each other In BSS i drag and drop the table next to the contact form, the editor gives me the blue line with a small arrow where i want to drop it: BSS 2 components next to each other

But it just drops it below.


Why not? Are those components using 6 columns each at you screen size? Are you basing your layout on floating divs? Did you check the resulting HTML code?

There's a learning curve but using BSS it's quite easy to build the layout you need, especially if you know bootstrap 4 and its classes, HTML, and CSS website building. In your specific case I think you can also achieve that result just dragging in a few premade components:

enter image description here