Please add save or preview to Live Demo

The Live Demo is too limited to see if I really want to drop money on Bootstrap Studio. Can you enable a few more features?

Come on, the cost of Bootstrap studio is peanuts and as a user who has now been using for a year I can assure you that it is well worth the money

Come on, be serious, that's ridiculous.

There would cease to be a need to sell BSS if 'Save or Preview' were enabled in the demo. The live preview shows you more than enough about the app to see and understand that it's a wonderful and powerful app for the low cost that it's being offered at.

You wont be disappointed if you spend the money and take a leap of faith in the rapid direction that the developers are advancing this app. It will only get better with time, with added features and capabilities.

So instead of hoping to get Free output as you have described, invest in the app and support it's development.


i just bought a 2 year renewal to help development since my first annual subscription just expired. And the only reason i choose 2 instead of 1 year renew was to give a little additional support to the developer. Btw, i think that multiple year renewals should be discounted, but i hope a few of us will pay 2 years anyway just to show appreciation.

Wow, nothing like a freeloader hoping for a free way to do things without giving any credit to the developers that take their time (usually outside of a full time job on top of it) to create things like this for them. Truly, for the cost of this app which is peanuts compared to the competition (which doesn't touch this app by a mile!), you're more than welcome to go try the others that "may or may not" give you a usable export, and will charge you well over $100 to $300 for their apps.

Count your blessings that you found this app and use it. You won't ever ever ever be disappointed for doing so and it will be the cheapest, best little builder you will come across anywhere and I've tried a lot of them, paid for a lot of them and been disappointed mostly in their lack of updating. This is not the case here, BSS is updated regularly with lots of new features and another thing that totally impresses me is the developers actually listen to what we want. We don't always get it, but you can bet they have added a ton of features due to our suggestions, and have done work arounds for those suggestions that may not always be totally in the scope of this app.

So the moral of the story is ... stop trying to cheat the developers out of their hard earned money ... be good to yourself and buy the best app you will find for building Bootstrap websites with the most up to date coding always being used ... Make yourself a happy web builder all with a few bucks spent. Such a deal! smiles