Please create/connect a WP starter theme editable in BS

Hi there, It would be amazing to connect BS to a WP Bootstrap start theme (like WP Boostrap 4 or Understrap), so that we can create our own WP theme directly. You could either create your own or support an existing one so that we can open and edit header.php, footer.php etc. just where need be. Even a WP plug-in that links the theme within the dashboard to BS. Whatever works and it's easier for you. Please!


BSS is not CMS but you can use JoCMS with BSS.

Sorry. Being cryptic was intended.

Check out JoCMS.

BSS is standalone w/o the CMS bloat, and therefore it also doesn't require a database, which makes it faster to load, which is important for SEO, especially page rank. ;)

Take a look at Pinegrow WP version for what you need.

I'd say easiest CMS integration is with vapid


Thank you guys, but we are already using WP and don't mean to change CMS. I really like BS and prefer it to Pinegrow, but something like Pinegrow WP is what I have in mind for BS. I would love it.

I do hope BSS keeps improving for what it is: a great frontend website builder at a very low price.

Pinegrow WP edition, even for freelancers, is more than 100usd per year, so let's stay real. For what we pay BSS already provides terrific value. No need to add complexity and ask the developers to create a new product with a greater price tag and a different subscription model.


Hi there, I see your point, but I don't agree. The cost of the product depends on the business model of the company, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.

BSS is an excellent value. Actually it's a steal for what you're getting, and I would pay double for this program (devs monitoring, please ignore that last sentence lol) I believe BSS is the best Bootstrap website builder on the market today.

@marrco Re: "let's stay real" Pinegrow WP is still a good value even at $175/yr. That is quite inexpensive if you're using the program to make thousands of dollars a year. It's comparable to what Adobe was charging for Muse, or is charging for Dreamweaver, and is considerably cheaper than Wappler. It's not as appealing to a casual user who's just using it to build their own site, or a few sites as a freelancer.

Might I also point out that there are a lot of CMS's out there, and you're asking the devs to choose a specific one, when there are many others that people use constantly as well. I personally hope they don't add all this complication to the app (price not being in any way involved). I don't want to end up with the bloat that I had to deal with on Dreamweaver which is where I came from (code end, not drag and drop) prior to using this app. There are a ton of already available builders for Word Press, Pinegrow include, that I hope this one doesn't have to go that way as well.

There are also a lot of stand alone CMS's that integrate using code you add into your HTML websites, and I'm sure those as well can be done on the customer end rather than the dev end.

I understand your need for builders of WP, but I just hope this app doesn't become one. I think there's enough features needed for basic building and management of our projects without adding that to the list.

And Pinegrow just announced a stand alone program that does what you need. You can find more information here, the price looks to be $80 at this time:

That's interesting, thank you very much, Jo!

really interesting Jo, thx for the info. I guess i'm going to buy that too

ok, I bought that. And converted my first BSS design to Wordpress.

Just a small test, a single page 'website' but I do like the workflow. Especially the fact that after modifying the design in BSS I could just re-export the updated Wordpress theme.

Sound like that's a great BSS companion, especially now that's sold at an introductory price with free updates for life. Just like my BSS license.

that opens a new business option to me. When a user insists to modify his own website now I can easily offer that as an option, even for small tailor-made sites I sometimes create with BSS.

Some users just want Wordpress because they know that's the best. Even when it's not. Now I have one less thing to discuss with my customers. And it looks like that for small 'brochure' websites it's quite a fast conversion. Then you can even charge more for hosting, maintaining and updating a Wordpress (semi-static) website. Not a bad deal for 80usd una tantum.

Other opinions on that? Am I the only one jumping on that bandwagon today?

Now it's time to explore the possibilities, and seriously learn how to use that program, but I'd say it's much easier to sell 'WordPress' than Vapid for users that (think they do) need a CMS experience.