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Hi everone I am a new user to Bootstrap Studio so please be gentle with me. So far i like what i see, but i am having a problem replacing the image that the Template has provided for one of my own please see here it s under the Logo at the top of the page and has a resolution of 1900 x 1250 and the image i have to replace is 1440 x 900

Can someone please help i have not found a solution anywhere else.

Thank you

1) In the Overview panel (lower left) expand the Body and then click the Header so it is highlighted in blue. 2) In the Look & Feel panel (upper right) you will see the word header is highlighted in blue. Scroll down to the section that is labeled Background. Note that the field title "Bg Image" is blue. You will see the word header-bg.jpg currently in the field. This is the image that is currently set as the background of the Header. 3) In that field, click the little circle with the plus in it to open a dialog window that will allow you to select a different image from your image folder.

I recommend you watch all three of the tutorial videos and practice building a site along with the videos to learn the user interface.

Hi thank you for your reply. i have managed to sort out my first problem with the image, but now i have another problem. I am using one of the pre built templates and on the Events / Parties link there is a popup going to another page or its an image with some text at the bottom, I have watched the tutorials but i feel that they were made on earlier versions of Bootstrap as some of the tutorials hints don't seem to correspond with the latest version. are there any tutorials on using the prebuilt templates in Bootstrap if so could you please supply a link, if not could you please tell me how to do it.

Many thanks


I am only aware of the three tutorials posted on the Bootstrap Studio site. I have never used any of the templates, so I'm not familiar with what you are specifically talking about. The program is frequently updated so it's possible some things in the tutorials may be slightly different, but they shouldn't be drastically changed.

Understanding how links (text, buttons or images) enable navigation to different places on pages (anchors) and to other pages in a website is pretty fundamental HTML stuff. Do you have any experience working with HTML and CSS or the Document Object Model (DOM)? These are fundamental skills necessary for creating websites, whether you're using a builder like Bootstrap Studio or coding a site by hand.

Bootstrap Studio is, unfortunately, not best documented program, and it does kind of assume that the user already has some knowledge of how websites are built and how they function through the use of HTML and CSS in order to really get the most out of it. Familiarity with the Bootstrap Framework is also very helpful. If you have no knowledge of markup and coding, and specifically writing CSS, you are going to find it difficult to use this program. Bootstrap studio automates a lot of task with its visual user interface and pre-made components, but it is not a pure drag-n-drop builder like Wix or Weebly, which cater to beginners and non-coders. Those programs are easier to use, but are restricted in their capabilities so users can't "break" their websites. Bootstrap studio does not have such restrictions.

Unfortunately, I cannot walk you through your obstacles, but I can recommend you take a look at this website, which has tons of easy to follow tutorials and helped me quite a bit when I was a beginner. There are tutorials on CSS, HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap

Also, you should familiarize yourself with all the written tutorials on the Bootstrap Studio site

As well as the Bootstrap Framework itself

As you get more advanced, you should consider joining where you can ask and find answers to just about any coding or website questions imaginable. That is my go-to site when I am stuck (which doesn't happen a lot these days, but was a frequent problem when I first started ten years ago.)

Building websites can seem overwhelming at times, but if you persevere and dedicate yourself, it will get easier. Good luck!

Hi Everyone, I need some advice on how and where I can add the 'meaningful anchor text' in Bootstrap Studio that this Nibbler report is talking about? (attached) I've added ID's/descriptions to all of the links and the icons inside the links, I despair as to where else to look?! Thanks in advance?!

Nibbler website health report

@Tommytee use .sr-only i guess there's not enough info for assistive techs about those icons