Plugin interface or EJS implementation

I’m hopping a way to implement some plugin.
Because I want to basically implement a way to template my emails (yeah lets try the new mail studio !) for interpolate some var (like username, lastname, url for signin etc…)

I understand implementing a specific template engine is not really a good idea and should be be done by the user themselves.

A plugin interface to declare some logic or way of rendering could be cool to have a way to construct some basic components with inheritance from defined html element.
And maybe some additional user interface.

I’m not really optimist about by feature request. But as we say in french: “qui tente rien, n’a rien”
(stand for: who try nothing, get nothing)

BSS’s email features are limited. You might want to consider a third-party form company like jotform or machform.

that not for adding some form
but that should be for mail studio for creating templates usable easily and editable easily with some interpolation.