Podcast Rebranding

Recently have done some rebranding for the podcast I am a co-host of using BSS. I can’t say enough good things about how BSS has changed my workflow for the better.

The Chris and Andre Podcast Site


Nice, simple and clean. I like it.


Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback (it helps me to get better and fuels motivation)!

I like it. It’s looking good. There’s a couple of things I would do which you may like but this is only in my opinion.

  1. Add a small shadow (In the options under decorations) or a light 1px border bottom to the navbar.
  2. Add a padding say 50px 0px to a section class.
  3. Lighten up the grey sections or maybe a really light colour.
  4. Add a 20px or so margin bottom to the fluid images.
  5. Take the bold off the paragraphs.

Maybe have the navbar as fixed to top.

Like I say this is only my opinion. :grinning:


Good feedback! I will make some of those changes.
FWIW - color syncing has been a pain since I bought my new LG monitor, nothing looks the same anywhere ;-).

Yeah. I make sites on a 55" TV as my monitor and have the same problem. Have to check on a few devices. The grey colour might look fine on yours, just looks quite dark on mine.

Colour calibration is painful, I know because I love photography, but now that I saw your post I realize it is the same for everybody working with colours, we want consistency.
This is the device I use to calibrate my monitors
I hope that helps.

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Thanks for the recommendation.