Polypane browser awesome addition to my tools!

While I am on my adventure learning Sass, I come across a lot of tools people use and a few days ago I came across Polypane which has been an awesome tool for me. It allows you to view the site you’re working on in any and all sizes that you want to see so you can view all of your breakpoints. There are a whole lot more features such as Code viewing/editing, Developer Tools, Screenshots including full page, and more. It’s a little pricey at $9 a month with a yearly subscription, but worth the price if I can get rid of 4 other tools I pay for so works for me. Check it out if you think it is something you’d like too!


I keep meaning to post this. Really nice bit of software. I downloaded it just after you posted, used it a few times and quite impressive.

My trial just ran out. So I thought I would search for a cheaper (preferably open source) alternative. This is what I found. Seems good so far.

Cool thanks for that share too @richards I’ll check that one out as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Richards. I just tried it out. This is a great program. I love the fact that when you change the view or change a page, it updates all browser views. And you can add any device profile. :grinning:

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