Popout Edit Windows need nametag/title

Just noticed that when you have multiple sites open and you have the Edit window popped out, there isn’t anything on the edit windows to recognize which site it goes too. I do a lot of back and forth at times when a client decides to put something back on the site with some alterations of course lol, and after going back and forth then getting interrupted by husband, cat, tv, emai, etc. and go back I have to go through the windows to remember which one I had open.

Would be nice if the name of the site on it somewhere. Page open is already there as a tab so that’s good, but of course if you have the same page open in another site or 2 or 3 lol, it can get pretty confusing after a while. Would just be a nice little helper I think. :slight_smile:

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Another great idea by @jo-r I never would have thought of (maybe because I don’t often have multiple sites open.)

My first thought was, “where would be the best place to put the name of the open website on the editor panel?”, but then I thought that really the right solution is for each website that is open to have its own separate instance of editor panel, with the website name in the top of the editor panel window, as per the computer’s operating system. And when whichever website tab is made the “active” website in the program, the operating system would automatically bring the appropriate detached editor panel to the forefront.

I’ve created the animated gif below to demonstrate.

The problem is, I think, the detached editor panel doesn’t behave the way other programs (ex. Photoshop) that support detached windows on multi-monitors systems behave. The detached panel feature in BSS feels they kind of did it their own way, which is why for example, the panel doesn’t remember it’s location between program instances. It’s tedious to have to detach, move and resize it every time one opens BSS.

It should also “follow” the window stacking order, meaning, if I bring BSS to the forefront on my main monitor, the detached editor panel on my other monitor should come to the forefront as well. This is normally how multi-monitor support works in every other program I have, and I think it’s probably considered right way in terms of how (at least Microsoft) likes programs that use multi-monitors to behave.

(Also, a minor observation I spotted… in Version 5.5.1, the detached editor panel had the title “Editor” in the top of the detached window. Now, it is blank. Maybe the devs are still working on trying to adjust how the detached window behaves, and the title somehow got omitted during the process? @martin? )

The Electron API which we use for detached windows is still new and has a few quirks. Implementing true multiwindow is not possible yet, so we do the next best thing - we open two separate windows. This will improve over time as the API matures.

The suggestion with showing the project name on the detached window is a good one. We will investigate whether it can be done.

Thanks Martin

And yeah, I am fine with only the one window open (would be nice to have multi windows for code comparison which help at times, but hopefully getting the project name on the title bar or something will be possible for now and maybe look further into it for future updates would be cool. Right now, as mentioned above, I utilize external editors for that purpose and really shouldn’t have to, but I’m ok with that part at this time.

Thanks again for looking into this for us.