Popup Notification for "Inline Styling" or more in the CSS Tutorial

Can we get some kind of notification to people that are using the Look & Feel pane and have no idea that the attributes there are going inline? Anything at all that would prompt someone to make a choice initially with a nice explanation of what to do.

Also / Or please add to your tutorial for writing AND editing CSS to explain how it works for the Look & Feel pane and how to go about making sure your classes are added to a class in CSS and not inline styling.

Not the first time I've seen a post like this one: https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/deactivate-inline-css-export-without-inline-css/ Who knows how much work this person did without having a clue that they were supposed to choose a file and/or class to write their styles to in the Look & Feel pane. They will have to edit all of that now and put it into classes, added work for sure. Had the info been on the Tutorials then they could only blame themselves, but there's nothing there to help anyone know this feature.

I would personally prefer both a notification "and" added info in the tutorial, I think this is a very important feature that needs a lot more attention given to it to help people realize what's happening there.

IDEA: What if instead of a pull down menu for chosing the file, the class, etc. you added a text box for people to fill in the Class Name and 2 pulldowns, one to choose an existing Class/ID and one to choose the File.

A very short description could be set at the top (even Question Mark for help with a popup description so it doesn't take up space) to tell them something short and sweet like "Chooose a Class/ID and File to prevent inline styling".<br /> Then if no class is written or chosen and no file is chosen the styles would default to Inline.

Seems to me that would give a whole lot more cues to people that something needs to be added/chosen.

Thank you for this suggestion! We will be writing a tutorial on how Look and Feel works to minimize confusion.

I replied to the original thread earlier. Basically there are drawbacks to every possible solution. But we can make an export option which automatically extracts inline style into a separate stylesheet for people who need it.