Portofolio Section Pop-up Gallery Issue

Hello Guys,

recently as I updated some SEO details on my website I saw that the preview for the gallery just went crazy, now when you click on a picture you are sent to the bottom of the page where the picture is showed in huge resolution and the control arrows are showed in the bottom left corner. Any ideea what went wrong here?

Yes, javascript or CSS, are doing these actions.

Post a link so we can see the website code. We can’t tell you what’s wrong from an image.

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Try and click on the images.

It looks like you dont have the styles for baguettebox linked in your page

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The App suggested I delete some unused CSS, I think that’s when all went wrong. Could he a bug.

As Richard said, the baguette CSS is missing.

There are other issues you need to fix as well

  • You load jQuery but you never use any jQuery code. You have both bootstrap 5.3.2 and bootstrap 4.3.1 on your pages.

  • The portfolio images on the index.html page should be lazy loaded, they don’t have an alt tag or width and height tags.
    You can optimize the images to webp

  • Header elements are not in sequential descending order

  • Your contact form, name and email fields should have an autocomplete attribute

  • Your button to change language doesn’t have an aria-label attribute

  • In your language modal change the type of the buttons to links and set the href attribute to what you have in the data-url. Then you can remove the custom code block from your pages that load the jQuery, bootstrap 4.3.1, popper and the inline script


Wow. Thanks for the tipps, that a lot to take on, I’m pretty much at the begging with this.

Would you mind describing this in more detail and maybe also explain to me how to do it?