Position image vertically within column AND vertically resize columns

Hi there. I'm new to BSS. Used Net Objects Fusion back in the 90's and just got back into creating a web page. Most recently used WIX so I'm used to, and prefer, a heavy drag and drop type builder. My main question, can I vertically position an image within a column? The way I've discovered to insert an image is to put it in an empty column. However, BSS automatically positions it top aligned. I want it center aligned. I don't see a control to position it vertically and it doesn't 'drag and drop'. Is there a way to do this other than editing code? Secondly, can I adjust the height of a column? Thanks.

As just replied in another thread you asked about drag and drop stuff in, you'll need some knowledge of HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to really understand how things work. You can piecework it if you really want to, but if you get a bit of knowledge under your belt it will help smooth things along much quicker than just trying to doctor up things as you go without really understanding it.

It's not hard to grasp so give it a shot and see how it goes. There's lots of free tutorials and inexpensive courses out there to learn on your own with.

Hint: Positioning does better when you set the "container/div/col/row/etc." rather than the main content itself, unless it's text which has typical text alignment properties you can set in the Options pane. The way things work now we use what is called Flex a lot more for positioning than just a specific position on the page. It doesn't work quite as simply as a word processor or your email would, but it has similar qualities once you get the hang of it.

1) Go to the Overview panel on the lower left and click the column that contains your image. 2) Go to the upper right and click on the Options tab. 3) Use the Vertical Align setting to position your image within the column. (Note, you can have it positioned differently at different screen sizes by expanding the Vertical align setting by clicking the little arrow next to it.)

In Bootstrap, columns are responsive, so their height automatically changes depending on their content. An empty column will have no height. A column with text will grow in height as the screen width becomes smaller. You can make columns fixed heights if you desire by adjusting their height in the Look & Feel settings.

I highly recommend you take some time to view and practice building a site using the video tutorials. They will go a long way towards familiarizing you with the Bootstrap Studio user interface. Read all the tutorial texts as well. It also helps a lot to understand how the Bootstrap framework works, and to familiarize yourself with how to write CSS.

While Bootstrap Studio is technically a "drag-n-drop" builder, it's nothing like Wix (which, incidentally, does not create truly responsive websites, and should be avoided like the plague) or some of the other online builders which, while being fairly easy to grasp, are limited in what you can do with their sites. Bootstrap Studio pretty much lets you build anything you want, but it definitely requires some familiarity with how CSS and Bootstrap work to get the most out of it.

Start with the video tutorials and go from there. The user forum is also pretty helpful, but you gotta put in the legwork to really become proficient with this software.

hey printninja, thankyou for the answer to the OP, much appreciated, i was looking for this too, you explain it very well, cheers