Possibility to replace jquery/bootstrap JS files

I understand that this request could be treated as odd one, but I think for some advanced users it would be great to:

  1. Switch from local to cdn copy of jQuery or
  2. Replace it with something completely different, like AngularJS UI native one

By advanced user I mean guy, that not only wants to change jQuery, but for example add something to [head], like small 'script' section handling this stupid cookie warning... 'custom code' would work, as far as I can add that to the head section.

Thank you for the suggestions!

  1. Yes, we should add support for this. It is a good feature to have. Maybe we can have a checkbox that switches to a CDN version of jQuery. There was also a suggestion for automatically minifying JavaScript on export. We can combine these two features under some "Optimizations" settings dialog.
  2. You can't really replace jQuery because Bootstrap depends on it. But you can include angular and other libraries alongside it by choosing the "Link External .js" option in the context menu of the JavaScript group in the Design panel.