Possibilty to create angularjs template pages

It would be nice to have possibility of creating chunk of page content for further reuses as angular templates.

This request by itself I guess would be tricky to handle from ergonomic point of view but while combined with page folders idea then usage would be ease and consistent with workflow.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Angular is a powerful front-end framework. In order to add official support for it would require a lot of Angular.js specific features and tools in the interface, which will complicate the app for everyone not using Angular. This is why we don't have plans to add official support for it or other frameworks.

Maybe a quick and pragmatic solution would be to create Angular templates inline, inside Custom Code components?

AngularJS is working fine with latest BSS, it is a matter of adding one jscript file.

Well, what I am after is possibility to export files as body tag content, without all those predefined headers, scripts etc.. Custom code will not give me possibility to create pages in graphical way. The same I can achieve using notepad and storing set of files in separate folder. Not desired direction... BSS as a bootstrap visual design environment seems to be natural choice to create such a templates. The only thing is to skip everything but body tag content while exporting / previewing.

Just in case it helps, what I am actually doing is injecting data attrs (as 'data-ng-attr') where I pass the directive I want to use in my Angular template:

data-ng-attr="*ngFor='let item in items'"

I postprocess the exported templates with a gulp task, where I parse those data attrs in order to create regular Angular attrs.

Custom code is a solution for avoiding this postprocessing, but removes all the drag&drop power from BSS.