Possible bug : assets dir is not as it was in elder releases

I am building an application using flask with html designs ( html desined with bootstrap ).

i started this project 1 year ago. everything was working fine. Untill suddenly i received an update Bootstrap 6. destroyed the assests requets. after alot of investigations. i found that. in the old bootstrap releases the assets ref was like that.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/nokia_pure_headlinebold.css h=2ee65b7f6f138424fdbec6677eed5cc8"

as you can see, it href starts with /assets. so if i give any page url like /home/view… it request the assets folder from the / anyway. but in the new update. i found that the new href is like that


as you can see. now it is starting without / so it refering the url which result 404 because if the page url like this … /home/view/

so actually the request which received by flask is /home/assets/ which is completly wrong. because it should ask /assets/

Url :-

Errors :-

if i added the / back again is it was in the elder release. the issue resolved.

how can i fix that in the new release ?

In your export setting make sure Use Absolute Paths is turned on