Possible help or Howto for Linked content for a linked content noob like me

Here's a little help and understanding (from my own personal struggle) with linking things between a designs pages.

Since it's my first go with linked content and additional pages, I thought I'd give my thoughts.

At first I didn't realize that a new page wouldn't show up as a new tab like a new design does. A new page shows up in a dropdown near the device re-sizing tool, as well as under the Design widget on the right. Just expand the Pages to see additional pages, double click on a page to load it into view, right click Pages to create a new page.

Trust me I was going back and forth trying to figure out how I link an element. I'd right click the element and select Copy, started a new design and right click Body and select Paste Inside after a few of this back forth I noticed at one point a Paste Link so I was trying to figure out how I got that [hehe]. I tried Copy To - New Page and never saw the tab like I was saying above I thought I would get.

So once I figured out how the paging worked, I was still trying to figure out the linking. But that went a whole lot faster now. So starting over because I didn't want to possibly mess up my current design I closed out and started fresh.

Opened app, loaded my current design, created new page named it appropriately, switched to first page right click selected Copy switched to second page right click Body in Overview widget selected (tada) Paste Linked. I now have my modal and nav and footer linked between the first and second pages.

So I hope that this might help someone out when they finally venture into multi page designs with linked content.

I wanted to point out too from my trials, that linked content when altered only alters the linked item/content it's self not it's placement on the page. So if you were to say drag the footer on page 2 to a side bar on the right hand side of your design, the first pages footer doesn't then also magically move/appear somewhere you didn't expect it to be. Which allows a linked content to appear in different areas from page to page. You'd just want to be sure that you designed the linked content to obviously workout that way.

@martin probably could use a tutorial on paging/linked content, I didn't find anything myself.

With this in mind, for anyone who does extensive multiple pages, would the concept of adding an option for linked content to be included on all new pages of a design. Such as maybe something like right click on Pages in the design widget has an additional option for new page with linked items?

If anyone has any suggestions or input on linking content better I'd like to know if I'm doing something wrong or if I could do it smarter, thanks in advanced :)

Oh also if you delete a linked item and then do undo, you lose the linking. You'd have to go back to a linked page to re-grab the linked content again.


Thanks for taking the time to put this up Saj - I'm sure it will help alot of users (like me)

Thank you for writing this, Saj! I am sure it will help a lot of people. Linked components is one of the most difficult things to get your head around in Bootstrap Studio. I hope that we will have the time to make official tutorials about this soon.