Post date for Shared Components

Would really be helpful when some people are posting the same component without giving any clue as to which one is newer, if there were a date shown on the information popup for when it was uploaded.

Since is not even possible to modify own shared components a few years ago Martin suggested using version numbers in the component name or description so that updated-duplicated can be sorted.

But seriously, looking at the latest posted components right now, half are just a single line "site em costrucao" and the few I tested in these years are often very simple and ugly coded, definitely not good bootstrap coding samples. I think that feature should be removed or completely reworked.

(a BSS dev checking, modifying, rewriting and publishing just 1 component per week now we'd have more than one hundred high-quality components everybody could and would use. ATM the few people I know that bought BSS simply don't waste their time looking into the pile of user-submitted components to find the few gems)

Yeah and it is such a shame, because today I browsed around just the ones in the 2 default sections, and man there's some nice things in there. A few I may redo so they aren't custom code even (that they should have done since what I saw would have taken them like 20 minutes to set up without custom code lol). Really nice ones though, great effects for mouseovers, nice searchable table, lots of "gems". But they do get ruined by the ones that post 20 things that are basic items you can do in 10 seconds yourself, and do them better lol.

I do think the versions was a good idea, but unfortunately, not everyone is conforming to it and I do keep seeing some with the same names and no way to know which is the newer. Some people are now using numbers not as version numbers, but as category numbers and that's getting confusing too. A date would simplify all of this without the need of versions.

I quickly clocked that many users were just uploading junk code and put me off shared components.

Apply long more meta to see when things were uploaded and version number would be great idea jo

yeah I don't go through the online components very often, but once in a while I check to see if anything good in in there, and yes there's a ton of junk.

I was under the impression that version numbers was already implemented in there. Am I wrong there?

Most of the reason I check for them is because I dont' do Javascript/Jquery, so I do rely on scripts others have created for some things and it's entertaining to see what people come up with for components, minus all the junk like there is right now that I can't even read because it's in spanish lol.