Post Processing with Parcel

Parcel is a build tool for web, in simple word it process html, css, js and other assets

I’m experimenting with it and the results so far are really good.

some cli knowledge to use pnpm and setup node.js in your machine, or maybe run it on cloud
pnpm (instead of npm or yarn because I can reuse the same packages across projects without having to re-download, I just have to make sure that I keep the same versions.)

BSS export configs:
No absolute paths, export google fonts, no CDNs.

More information and the config files here:

Next step is to create an export script to auto build, actually, I already did this but I’m still experimenting. Other solution may be use the building process with GitHub Action or Netlify as the building process it’s fast and for small sites shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Minor problem: Take for example a link /page on a linked footer in multiple pages. Parcel build will fail because the path are relative and once in a path /sample it means /sample/page instead of /page and since the page doesnt exist, Parcel will fail. The temp. solution I found is to write the full URL Default title | that way it will always point to the same URL and Parcel will work.

Other problems may arise but so far everything is fine. I must say that the output is a mess of files, but will improve the loading scores on Google.