Postage pricing

Good Moring, i was wondering if there is a way to have a way to price parcles that is more agreeable to parcel deliveries.

At them moment there is the option to flat rate and then add the weight of the item to the delivery costs but this has an issue in the fact that the delivery service here in UK have parcles that are 0-2kg, 2 - 5kg, 5-10kg and then >10kg.

With the way it is at them moment you can gain or lose money on sending items. Would there be a way to add a weight delivery catergory that adds up the weight of goods and if it falls into the corresponding catergory then that would be the postage costs?

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Thank you for the suggestion! We will look into enhancing our shipping calculator in our upcoming updates. For now choosing some approximate average shipping price across your products is the only workaround.


Thanks for the reply Martin, I dont know if this will help to show you what i mean;

as you can see small parcles are 2kg the medium are 2, 2-10, 10-20 and above 20