Power point presentation upload option

I am looking for an option to load a power point in a page. Is there any option to do it via BS studio. I can add this as an iframe and the src will be a onedrive.live.com and it will show as a slide show. Other than this do we have any option to show the ppt? Please reply me if you have a solution.

Until the devs allow the option for us to import additional file extensions I'm afraid your 3rd party hosted option will be the only way to do this unless of course you tweak your code exporting.

It has been requested to support importing more file types but suspect the devs will get to it on their backlogs eventually..... I hope

Thank you Chris.

I will be waiting for more features like this.

Also i wish to have an option to publish the site to our own hosting server via ftp or any service(like mobirise). So we can directly put the templates in server and fetch the url.

Another option is uploading the video from BS interface.Right now we do have only paths to the videos.