Preview not scrolling down the page

Hi, I came across a problem with the preview of the webpages, When I click preview only the upper part of the page is showing. Im not sure but the code looks pretty normal to me. Below is the link of screen recording.

Highly appreciated your help guys!

Nobody can diagnose a problem like this from a screen recording. You have to post the actual link to the website so we can look at the code, or share your .bsdesign file so we can open the site to see what’s going on.

As @printninja says, you would need to supply some code, easiest way is to publish the site to the bss server.

A guess, I would say to look at the css for your login page, It might have something in the body with overflow:hidden, or something to stop scrolling.

Hello guys, Thank you for being patient with me.
Here is the link of the BSdesign file. If you can please check both pages are not showing the lower part of the webpages in their browser preview.

Thank you for the support!

In side-swipe-menu-side-swipe.css you have overflow hidden on the body and html

Hi, Now it works. I removed that css file. Thank you so much! Have a good day!