Price stacking and quantity question?

Emailed support but didn’t hear anything. Is there a way to stack prices? Like 10 pcs $30 — 25 pcs $20 and so on?

Also, even though, the minimum set amount for the quantity is 10 in admin, on frontend it shows 1. Shouldn’t that number be the correct amount added in the admin? … 10?


Edit: This is a gift card product.

Isn’t there anyone from Reflow support here? Can we at least communicate?

Can I tag the team here? @danny @gabby @martin

I would help if I could, but I have no experience with Reflow.

It’s possible some of the regular forum members who are more familiar with Reflow don’t have their discourse settings setup to watch this topic. Maybe try reposting your question in the Webdesign Help or Bootstrap Studio Help topics.

The team is off for the holidays so we’re quieter than usual. I replied to your email earlier, basically price stacking is not supported right now and the only workaround is to sell “packs” of products.