I understand that the software costs $25. You say that there are "no ongoing fees".

However, there is only "1 year of free upgrades". So what will I have to pay after 1 year to continue getting updates?

It's not clear at all ;)

Yes after a year of you want to keep getting updates pay a fee, but if you decide not to renew you can still use the version your on at time of renewal. You just won't get any new updates


how much is this fee for receiving updates after purchase ?

After the first year it's 25usd per year. Or 50usd for a 2 years renewal if you decide to show your appreciation to the developer as a few of us already did.

In the grand scheme of things it's peanuts really for a really good tool.

So basically I have to pay again the software each year.

Your software look great but all those hidden things do not make me feel confident.

You don't have to renew but if you want new features the yes you pay a small fee to keep up to date. The work the developers do doesn't come for free and it's how businesses stay sustainable ?

I agree ! 25$/year is a fair price.

I agree too, I just don't understand why it's not clearly explained on the pricing page :)

I think it is a fair price almost as a subscription of 2 USD per month.

what happen to the option of paying for a life time? :(