Primary domain or Subdomain?

For Reflow and as to what would be best practice, should the store be created in my primary domain or should I create a subdomain for it? or in

In my primary domain, I already have lots of content unrelated to the selling product.

Having the store on a subdomain would be a clearer solution. But either could work.

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I found this while searching around for an answer:

Both β€œ” and β€œ” are common approaches for structuring URLs, and each has its own advantages and considerations. The choice between them often depends on specific use cases, preferences, and the overall structure of your website.

  1. Subdomain (
  • Pros:
    • Separation of content: Using a subdomain can help separate different sections of your website. This can be useful if the store has distinct content, functionality, or a different target audience compared to the main site.
    • Improved branding: It allows for a more distinct branding for the store, making it easier for users to recognize and remember.
  • Cons:
    • SEO impact: Subdomains are often treated as separate entities by search engines. This means that the SEO benefits of the main domain may not directly transfer to the subdomain, and vice versa.
    • Complex management: Managing multiple subdomains can be more complex than a subdirectory structure.
  1. Subdirectory (
  • Pros:
    • SEO advantages: Subdirectories are generally considered part of the main domain, and any SEO efforts for the main domain can positively impact subdirectories. This approach may consolidate your SEO efforts and improve overall search engine rankings.
    • Simplified management: Keeping everything under the main domain can simplify website management and maintenance.
  • Cons:
    • Less separation: If the store has significantly different content or functionality, using a subdirectory may not provide as clear a separation compared to a subdomain.
    • Potential for longer URLs: Depending on your site structure, URLs may become longer, which can impact user experience and search engine friendliness.

Ultimately, the choice between a subdomain and a subdirectory depends on your specific requirements, business goals, and the nature of the content or functionality you are trying to represent. It’s essential to consider factors such as branding, SEO implications, user experience, and ease of management when making this decision.

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Thank you very much!
The article helps a lot especially understanding how it effects SEO.