Primary text colour not updating on page

I have been customising the theme that I picked for my website and I have tired to update the primary colour in the options. I changed it at the HTML tag level so that it would filter down the child elements. The problem is, it shows in the editor to the right but not reflected in the css code. I have changed the elements from default to primary as that was the colour I changed but still not updating in the visual editor.

Have I missed a step? I am unable to change it manually because I keep getting the error that it is overridden by .text-primary and as I thought I had updated that I cant figure out what I may have done wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This happens because the CSS variables being set by these options are only applied to a handful of components. Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1 has introduced a lot of other variables. We will work on incorporating them and making this work better in our upcoming releases.